Barnum Engineered Systems is one of the select authorized distributors in Connecticut for Farenhyt and Gamewell by Honeywell fire system equipment supply and installation. There are only a few hand selected dealers that have achieved this level of recognition from one of the most respected fire alarm manufacturers in the industry. We provide clients with top quality installation and service with a prestigious manufacturer supplying the products.

The fire alarms systems that Barnum installs can serve in the following ways:

  1. Smoke and heat detection
  2. Water flow and sprinkler monitoring
  3. Temperature monitoring for temperature-sensitive areas
  4. Elevator recall
  5. Voice evacuation system
  6. Duct detection
  7. Maintenance and Test Servicing of new and existing systems
  8. Inspection Program Case Study

NFPA 72 Testing & Inspection

*Currently being engineered*


Barnum employs licensed, highly trained certified technicians and sales professionals to conduct everyday business. All technicians and sales employees at Barnum regularly attend factory service training programs. Many of Barnum’s technicians and sales employees are also trained electricians and installers. All of Barnum’s employees have at least 10+ years of experience (85% are 15+ years) in their particular fields.

For service requests, please call our office at (203)-734-8823 or email requests to