IP Based Camera Surveillance - CCTV

The powerful impact of video surveillance, enhanced by technological, over the years has provided leaps in image quality and retention that has transformed into a central function of almost every security system. IP camera systems can co-exist on your existing network, if it has the extra bandwidth room, or Barnum can install a dedicated wired or wireless network to meet the needs for now and in the future. Barnum Engineered Systems has designed, engineered, and managed some of the most sophisticated video installations, covering more than 6 million square feet of space. Barnum can provide you with the ability access to your surveillance system day or night.

All systems we design and install include robust image storage capacity based on the individual level of quality imaging preferred by each client. Our camera installations are also designed to capture images that are useful and compelling as post-event evidence. Each system is designed by a trained security professional to meet our client’s individual surveillance needs.

If you have an older analog system, Barnum can support the existing system, or show you the benefits of upgrading to an IP based system.

Access Control

Visitor and personnel entry management is a core defense against theft, espionage, and loss of intellectual property, and is essential for employee safety. We offer enterprise-class security solutions that easily integrate new and legacy access control, video, badging, and alarm systems.

Access control has also become a powerful management productivity tool. We assist clients in developing systems that support security goals and audit employee attendance and activity.

Our import/export utilities provide the exchange of badge and personnel data, time and attendance data, photos between ERP (Human Resource and Corporate IT Management) and other data base systems. We offer the latest product advances in facial recognition and biometrics technology as well.


24/7 service
Barnum employs licensed, highly trained certified technicians and sales professionals to conduct everyday business. All technicians and sales employees at Barnum regularly attend factory service training programs. Many of Barnum’s technicians and sales employees are also trained electricians and installers. All of Barnum’s employees have at least 10+ years of experience (85% are 15+ years) in their particular fields.

For service requests, please call our office at (203)-734-8823 or email requests to service@barnumengineered.com